Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chuck E Cheese & First Communion

This year, since we live further away from family, we decided to have the boys' birthday parties together. Then we thought we better have it in a some what central location. So we decided on Chuck E Cheese in the Burnsville Mall.

I think the kids thought this was a great idea with all the games, pizza, and prizes. I'm starting to wonder if I was thinking very clear on this decision. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. But it was still fast paced and crazy with activity. I really didn't get to sit and talk to anyone. So to the people that came, thank you very much. Next year maybe we will go to a park or something. : )

Here is Seth trying to run the video camera thing.

Chuck E Cheese came out to see all the kids. There was, I think, 4 or 5 other parties going on at the same time. The boys just waved and said hi, but Sidney was in love. She got a hug and started to follow him around to say hi again.

They had the table all set up ready to go for us. They had balloons with the boys' name on them, cups, plates, and other stuff on the table for us.

Here is our table.

They also had a cake ready for us. Matt, our helper, was very nice and got 8 candles on one side and 6 on he other.

Gift opening was a little crazy. Not everyone was able to see what was going on. But of course the boys didn't care and that is all that matters right???

I love how the kid from the other table sat and watched us open gifts.

Here is my mom letting Seth know that the chalk he just got is all his and he doesn't have to share with Jake if he doesn't want to. He was very happy about that.
Mason was checking out the robot Chuck E Cheese guy.

This was a space puzzle that Jake would put together at Cheryl's house. She took it in and had it framed for his room.

After the party we went to Austin and stayed with my sister and her family. The boys all ran upstairs and played the Wii. The next morning was Michael's first communion.
Bev and I got all the food ready in the morning and in the oven for brunch. Michael did a very good job in church with is first communion.

Mick, Michael, Mason, and Bev

AJ fixing Michael's tie.
AJ is also Michael's Godfather.
Part of the first communion class. It sounds like they split the class up in two groups.
Michael with Mick's parents Jan and Mike.

Michael with our mom Linda.

Michael and his yummy cake. Great job buddy, I'm proud of you.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Horton Book

In Seth's class they have been discussing different Dr. Seuss books. One of the books was Horton. Then the class drew pictures on how Horton was faithful.

Here is the book cover.

Here is one of the other kid's page. Horton was faithful because he was big.

Then you have Seth's. I'm thinking we need have a little talk with Seth about hunting and killing things.

Horton was faithful because he sat on the egg when the hunters came. I'm guessing Horton is ok cause he is still smiling.

Oh my word is what I thought when I saw the picture. Then I thought about all the other parents that were going to see the picture too. Oh Lord we are never going to have kids over to our house with pictures like that.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Alright I know I've been slacking on the blog lately. Sorry about that.

So Friday night Jamie and Josh hid eggs around Cheryl's upstairs. Most people write down where they hide eggs. Like "In Living Room Window", "Behind Curtain". But not Josh, he makes a diagram. Take a look.

Once we all got up the boys took off and looked for the eggs. You will have to excuse Jake with his boxers and no shirt.

Seth and his basket of eggs.

Josh was leaning against the wall trying to help Jakob out.
Jamie helping Seth get his egg from the window. The boys where not very nice with there hiding. They where putting them in the hardest places. Poor kids.

One of the items the boys got was new Webkins. They got to pick a bag and Jake got the Elephant and Seth got the Horse. Well Seth wasn't to sure about this. Soooo.......
Jakob being the great brother that he is switched with Seth. So now Seth has the Elephant and Jakob has the Horse.
After lunch Cheryl put the boys to work cleaning windows.
Even Seth cleaned windows.

Then we had Jakob climb down into the window well. He cleaned up all the newspapers and leaves that blew down there last fall.
It wasn't pretty work.

Then we walked over the church park near Cheryl's house.

I thought these two birds were so cute. They just sat there and cleaned each other. It was like they were kissing.
Sunday morning the boys got up and looked for their Easter baskets from the Easter Bunny. The bunny didn't do a very good job with Jakob's. He found it as soon as he walked into the sunroom. He will have to do better next year.
After breakfast we headed into Hayfield to see my mom and step-dad. We got to have a little one-on-one time with them. My brother and sister were at there in-laws for the day.
We got to have lunch.
I love pie. I got to take a whole one home. Thanks mom.
The boys also got to register there new Webkins.

Then we headed over to, as my nephew says, the pink park.

I love this picture. It is so getting blown up and put on our wall. They make me laugh.
Can you see Seth peeking out???
Another one for the wall.

Hope you all had a good Easter and many laughs like those above.