Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Side's Christmas

We were all able to finally get together for my side's Christmas. We had to cancel due to the snow and then reschedule around my treatments.

We got together around 1:30 and had a wonderful dinner together and then we opened presents.

Here are all the kids getting ready for there gifts.
I'm not sure but I think Michael is directing where the presents go. : )

Seth got a set of walkie talkies and is very excited to try them out in the woods once the snow melts.

Jake got a new Webkin and it's a Spider Monkey. He loves it and it's already gone to school to show his friends.

Duane got his electric blanket. I think he was the most upset that Christmas was cancelled cause he wanted his new blanket. His old one finally stopped working. He mentioned he wouldn't have minded if I would have just mailed it to him so he didn't have to wait.

Bev is trying to get the walkie talkies working and Mick is opening one of his gifts. I think this one was the tool set.

Jamie finally got a new flag that we can put on the porch facing the water.
After we got done opening gifts the big kids all went up to play the Wii. My brother and sister-in-law brought over Super Mario Bros.

Here's Jamie and Bev trying to play. The younger kids were getting upset that they couldn't play.

Jamie teasing Sidney with her blanket.

Once the kids got done playing they all come down to the Great Room to watch a little TV and a movie.

I had my brother take a picture of me with out my hat on. That way I have at least one picture of me to remind me of all the fun I've had.

Then I had my sister-in-law take a picture of me, Bev, AJ.

So an update of me. I'm now on my new chemo drug. The first round I had did not go very well. They gave me Benadryl first and I thought I was going to crawl out of my skin. I couldn't sit still, so they gave me two doses of something to counter the reaction. Well of course that made me tired and I ended up sleeping through most of my treatment. Once I was home my fingers got very swollen and my eye sight got blurry. Once the swelling went down in my fingers the skin started to peel. My eye sight has gotten a little better. The second round the nurses made the doctor come in and take a look at my hands and talk with me. After looking at my skin and nails he told me that if I had that reaction again he would make me stop treatment. The reaction I was having normally doesn't happen until after the 5th or 7th time. But of course nothing happened this last time like that. Instead I got very tired and my joints started to hurt. Which they told me was suppose to happen. So now I'm a little up in the air for my third treatment. It sounds like the doctor is going to sit down with Jamie and I. He wants to figure out if we should be done and move on to the surgery or finish out the last two treatments. I'm leaning more to finishing the treatments, but we will listen to what he has to say first.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Saturday After Christmas

Our neighbors George and Carmen made us blanket for Christmas. It is just beautiful. Carmen sews all the pieces together and then George quilts it together.

Here you can see the detail work in the white that George did with the quilting machine.
Here is the blanket laid out on our bed.
We were finally able to head out of our house on Saturday to get down to Mankato. And we did the Shaw Christmas that day.

Kathy and Jake waiting for the presents to be handed out.

Josh, Jamie and Kyle.

Here I am checking out which present to open first.

Poor Cheryl. She kept opening her presents and trying to figure out who she was with when she saw the item. We finally told her on her last present. Then we had to explain that her sister Melanie got everything, Corrina and Joe picked them up on there way to our house, and we brought them back down for Christmas.

Uncle Dennis got Jamie and Josh a Game Hauler for when they are deer hunting. I guess they had Jamie come back to get the snowmobile to pick up a deer this year. And as Jamie was driving out there he kept breaking through the ice. So he brought the snowmobile back and then had to walk all the way back and drag the deer back. Both boys were pretty happy about the gift. Oh and I got bacon and dang if it's not good. : )

Once Seth was done opening he just sat in the middle of everything and played his DS.

Since we also missed Christmas Eve at Grandma Shaw's house we got to open those gifts too. Here is a new piggy bank that said New Boat Fund on it. We all got a kick out of that.

Kyle and Cory discussing something. : )

Josh's new t-shirt that says don't Josh me. I saw it and had to get it for him.

Jamie got a Muskie pole from his mom. He's pretty excited to try that out this summer. I don't think I will go with him for that. Those things freak me out. Yuck.

Cory's new beer sign for his bar downstairs. This is from Joe, Corrina and Cheryl. Joe and Corrina got it at the Coors Distributor in Denver. They also got free samples while they were there. I guess Joe said that was the best Christmas shopping he had every done.

The boys also got toy guns from Cheryl this year. They run around here and play army all the time. I can't wait until it's summer and they can go outside with them.

Here is all our stuff we got this year. It also has Grandma Shaw's gifts in there.

Taylor even got a Christmas present. Here she is with her new life jacket for duck hunting. There are even handles on her back so you can just grab her and lift her into the boat.

Cody and Kyle helped Seth put together his Lego toys.

And of course Jake finally got his hands on Seth's DS and was gaming also.

On Sunday we drove down to Austin to see my sister and here are a couple pictures I took.