Monday, March 22, 2010

Polar Plunge 2010

Saturday March 20th was the Polar Plunge and again Jamie jumped in memory of his dad. He raised over $600 for the church team. And the church raised over $6,000 together, which won them top honors of most raised for the second year in a row. This year they dressed up as the different branches of the service. They had Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard all covered.

Jamie got registered right away when we got there.

With the amount he raised he got a free t-shirt and sweatshirt, which as you can see were green this year. Last year they were blue, so I think I might have to steal this years shirts.

There was another team running around giving people eggs. And inside the eggs you either got candy or a ticket for a free shirt. Jakob got one of the tickets.

And thankfully so did Seth. So they each got their own shirt too.

As Jamie was digging through his old Air Force clothes Jake was taking them and trying them on. So he dressed up for the plunge also.

Here is the First Lutheran Church group. All of them jumped, except my two boys in front and the little girl on Pastor Scott's shoulders.

How cute are they??

Here is our Navy and I also over heard the lady in grey say that this is her last jump. She is now 70 and felt it was time to stop.

As you can see the ice on the lake melted a little early this year. So unlike last year we were not able to stand on the ice and watch. We had to stand up on the shore. There was a little ice on the shore line for the people to run off of. Jamie said it was a lot deeper this year and you had to swim back to shore if you went to far out on your jump.

Here's Jamie's jump. He is the one on the right.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Jakob's Birthday

Jakob turned 9 on the 9th. His golden birthday!! We did the normal birthday day for him. I picked Jake and Seth up from school and took them to Dairy Queen. I always ask them what they want to eat for there birthday. They get to pick either going out to eat anywhere they want in town or I will make whatever they want to eat. This year Jake asked for goulash and Dairy Queen, so we had dessert first. Can't complain with that.

Here's Jake with his birthday hat from school and his goulash. Next he wanted to do cards and gifts.

While he was opening gifts Jamie surprised him with silly string. He thought that was the coolest thing and wanted to do more.

And here is Jamie cleaning up his silly string.

Cards and gifts.

Jamie was pulling a Johnny Carson and was trying to guess what each gift was before Jakob opened it. Seth guessed a phone for every gift.

All his gifts of the night. Can you tell the boy likes gaming. Next up was cupcakes. I also let the boys pick if they want a cake or cupcakes. And he picked cupcakes again.

Seth and Jakob with the cupcakes. Of course Seth has to get into at least one picture. He can't let his brother have all the fun.

Here's a better picture.

And now time to eat them. : )

Last year's picture. It's amazing to see how much older they are getting and changing.
Update on me: I am scheduled for surgery on March 16th. I had my pre-op on the 10th and everything is a go. My counts are all up to were they need to be except for two. But the doctor said they were close enough. After that it is on to checkups every 3 months for a year or two. So it looks like the end or all this is right around the corner. I can't wait to get there.