Monday, June 29, 2009

Corrina's Bridal Shower and Cheyrl's Surprise 60th

This past weekend we had Corrina's bridal shower and Cheryl's surprise 60th birthday party. The shower went great and she got a lot of nice stuff. At one point I told Corrina I wanted to get married again so I could get some new stuff too.

Here's Corrina greeting some of her guests for the shower.

This is Dale Morris, he was their neighbor in Claremont. And when I was first introduced Jamie told me he was Uncle Dale. That's how close they were. Well Dale had to come in and give Corrina a hug and ask for the cheer he taught her. And sure enough she knew it right off the top of her head.

Some of the guests.
Here are a couple of the Aunts getting the food ready. See the camcorder in the middle? They taped the shower so they could send it to Joe's mom. I thought that was a really good idea.

And the games begin. It was a match the famous person to there famous spouse. And guess who won? That's right, it was me.

Time to eat.

All the nice stuff Corrina got.

Once everyone was gone we got some pictures of Corrina with the Aunts. Well Corrina was taller then some with the shoes she had on so she took hers off. Then everyone started to take there shoes off. Aunt Kathy was going to take the higher heeled shoes and put them on so she could be taller.

Kathy, Lynette, Corrina, Melanie, and Chris

Then Cheryl had to take her shoes off.

Corrina and Cheryl.
After the shower it was time for Cheryl's party. I called Jamie before we left Waseca and asked how it was going. He told me everything was set up, but I was to stall as much as possible. So I drove back 2 miles under the speed limit. That just about killed me. Then we went and got me and Joe a cup of coffee from Dunn Bros. While I was waiting for the coffee I called again and got the all clear.
As we got to Cheryl's place there is a church on the corner and the parking lot was packed. Cheryl made a comment that there must be a wedding, but I was thinking that was were the boys parked all the cars. Then we turned the corner and say a bunch more cars and Cheryl asks what was going on. As we got by a little curve in the road she could see her driveway and all the people in it. She looked as Corrina and me and ask What did you do?? Then from the back Corrina says Happy Birthday Mom. All Cheryl could say was Oh, Oh My, Oh, Oh My. I parked the truck at the end of the driveway and she told me, I am not getting out. I had to lean forward and motion for Cory to come and get here. I think once she got out and started to say hi to people she was ok.

Some of her Claremont friends. Sandy Clark and Mona McMartin.
The boys did a really good job setting up the garage while we were gone. They had to get the tables, food, and drinks. They even added snacks to each table with table clothes.

Once the people left we all relaxed out back with the family and the dogs.
I'm thinking we need to get a dog for Jake soon.

Jake with Kodah

Jake with Balin.
And finally Jake with Taylor.

Playing with Balin

Boys watching the dogs play.

Since we had everyone there Cheryl wanted to do family pictures. Here is Seth thinking he needs to get in right away.

Kids. Cory, Corrina, Cheryl, Jamie and Josh. Don't you just love Jamie and Josh's shirts. I love my wife and Mom likes me best. Of course Jamie's has small print. I Love (it when) My Wife (let's me go hunting).

Kids and spouses. Cory, Kathy, Joe, Corrina, Jamie, Sam, Josh, and Cheryl.

Grandboys. Kameron, Seth, Cheryl, Jake, Cody, and Kyle.

Granddogs. Taylor, Cheryl, Balin, and Kodah. We were missing Chase.

Overall it was a great weekend. I'm glad so many people were able to get to the shower and party. I'm also glad that Corrina and Joe were able to make it home. It was nice to finally meet Joe and get to know him.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Two Nephews and A Girlfriend

Cody, Kyle and Myranda came up Thursday night to spend the weekend with us. They wanted to come up Thursday so they could have all day Friday to spend in the lake.

The boys would run down the dock and try to jump onto the water trampoline.

And then king of the mountain.

Here's Cody pushing everyone off.

Then a little rest on the yellow raft.

Here is Myranda trying to find shells and bugs.

The boys checking out the bugs.

I'm ready for my close up now.

I think Jake was trying to see the fish and the rope to the trampoline. He really likes the snorkel gear he got for his birthday.

Jamie took Jake and Seth out in the row boat.

Kyle and Cody decided to fish off the dock. Kyle used the Scooby Doo fishing pole.
Here is the bass he caught off the dock.
Then he went out later with Josh and caught a northern.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Resort

Jamie took Saturday afternoon to get the resort ready to go for the summer guests. Just kidding. He was setting up the water trampoline and the new floating dock. You remember he bought the dock during the online auction this winter along with the snowmobile.

See Jamie underneath? He's trying to shorten the line attached to the weight so the trampoline doesn't float around so much.

One down, one to go.

I swear this kids would swim all year long if he could.

Josh's boat looks so nice on our shore station. : ) At least someone is getting some use out of it this year.

Here is the new floating dock. Jamie got this in the water and Taylor decided to get up on there and take a look around.

This is a view of the house from the beach.

Taylor likes to get tennis balls that Josh throws out into the lake. Then Jake waits for her and grabs her tail. She drags him back in to shore. Poor girl is pretty tired after doing this a few times.

And the resort toys are all set up ready to go. Jamie did bring the yellow raft in to shore a bit more. Now I can walk out with my book and soda and only have to go waist deep.
Here are some random shots for you.

Pine snake in the driveway. Yuck.