Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve the boys tried to negotiate when they could wake us up on Christmas morning. So Jamie told them not until 5:30 - 6:00. It was 5:31 when they came up to tell us Santa had arrived. So we headed down to the tree in the basement.

Here is the tree with all the presents.
The boys got Uno Flash as a combined gift.

Seth got a Dinosaur adventure play set.

Yes I bought Jake the Call of Duty 4 game to go with the Playstation 3 Santa bought him. But the rule is that if I hear him repeating any of the language on there he would get the PS3 taken away for a year.

Santa also gave Seth a DS and here is one of the games to go with it.

I got Jakob the Guinness Book of World Records book. He is always looking at this book at school so I thought I would get him his own.

The boys also like to play army out in the woods and they have to use sticks as guns. So I got them different guns to run around in the woods with.

Seth had Jamie open the present he made at school.

It was a snowman ornament.

Seth got a Lego cop and cop car set. He looks real happy about that doesn't he?

Now this is from Jakob to me. He remembered that the zipper thing broke on my coat and he saw this at the movie rental place we go to every Friday. So he had Shelly and the girls at the store help him out and he got this for me. It makes me smile that he would think of something like that for me.

Jamie got three different shirts for work from me and the boys.

I got all the stuff to start making my own Lefsa. I'm super excited to start. I also got a FM/AM radio that I can plug my ipod into. And speakers to go to the ipod or computer when we travel.

As one of the gifts we had the boys go on a scavenger hunt. Jamie wrote out a bunch of different clues that had them running around the house.

The gift was a basketball hoop for this summer.

And the clue had them getting there coats and boats on and finding it in the back of the truck.

Hopefully everyone had a great Christmas.
Update: I am now over halfway done with treatment. I am now starting a different drug and this one is not suppose to give me the stomach ache anymore. Which I'm very happy about. It may make my joints hurt and maybe a little more tired. But I will take that over the stomach ache. So I now only have 3 more treatments left!!!!! I'm very happy about that. Again thank you for all the thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Tree and Programs

Wow. Has time really gotten away from me. Let's see I finally got the tree up. Seth has been asking for me to do that ever since Thanksgiving got done. I was able to dig the box with the tree in it out of the storage room and get that set up. But when I tried to get the box with all the lights and decorations I realized it was behind two other boxes and on the floor. So I passed that on to Jamie to get. He was able to get that out a lot easier then me.

Here's Jamie trying to get the lights on before the boys take over.

It's always fun to watch them take ornaments out and talk about when they made them.

Jamie helped out with the other ornaments that are not the boys. He tried to even the tree out a little bit too.

And of course finally my angel from Germany. I love that thing so much.

This is Jakob's new ornament for the year. I got it cause he is always playing some sort of game.

And I got this one for Seth cause this summer he was always drawing something on the driveway in chalk.
Here is the tree all done and decorated. And no it's not leaning, that was me taking a bad picture.

Then it was on to Christmas Programs for school. I didn't put to many pictures of that in here. They are always in the gym and the lights are off so the pictures turn out really bad.

This is Jake and his friend Tommy. Tommy also goes to the same church we do so they have gotten to be pretty close. Jakob has also had Tommy over night and they are trying to figure out when they can do it again.
Jamie went down to get a picture of Jamie and finally made him laugh.

Here are all of the second graders in Hayward.

Then it was Seth's turn. The principal introduced them as the class of 2022. It was so strange to hear that. Which means Jakob will be the class of 2020. Here's to hoping it stays that way.
He was harder to get pictures of . All the parents rushed up to take pictures.

Then when I finally got close enough the kid beside Seth was waving to his mom and Seth got ticked off. He actually told the kid to knock it off cause his mom was trying to take a picture of him and his hand was in his face.

They did great just like every other year. I'm very proud of them.
As for me, after this Thursday I will be half way done with my chemo treatments. So happy about that. I'm going to talk to the doctor about getting a different medication to help with the nausea. The stuff I have now knocks me out for about 4 hours but my stomach still hurts when I wake up. Plus I really don't like the idea of not knowing what is going on and being knocked out like that. Thanks for all the prayers and support.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This Thanksgiving was one of my good weeks. So I was very happy to find out that Joe and Corrina would be spending the week with us. Neither one has been here yet to see the house and lake. I'm hoping they will be able to come back in the summer some time so we have more stuff to do. But I think they had a good time just hanging out with us. Well poor Joe might not want to come back to soon. The boys wouldn't leave him alone, if Joe went out with the dogs Jake would try to follow. If he was in the house they wanted to play video games or catch or just be around him. I'm sure that gets a little overwhelming when your not use to it. But Joe you did great.

The night before Thanksgiving Joe and Corrina made up some of Joe's family cookies. Here are the boys and Joe cutting them out.

Cookies out of the oven and cooling. We decided to let them cool over night and we would decorate after dinner the next day.

The next morning Joe and Josh went out and broke up a bunch of hay bales that Jamie got. They covered up the well so hopefully this year the line doesn't freeze up on us again.

This year we decided to use the turkey fryer. We haven't use it before so it was fun watching Jamie and Josh trying to figure out how the thing went together. We also had Josh and Josh's friend Chris and his son here for dinner.

You have to love Jamie's manly blue with white daisies glove he used when dropping the turkey in.
I was a little nervous with all the smoke, but I guess this is suppose to happen right???

While inside Corrina and I tried to get everything else ready to eat. Seth helped make the honey butter for the corn bread. He loves helping in the kitchen.

Jamie and Josh cutting the turkey up. I laughed at Jamie when I asked him if we wanted the electric knife. He just looked at me blankly and said, "Do we own one of those?" So needless to say I got out the electric knife we received as a wedding present 10 years ago. Shows you how much we make big meals.

Once everything was cleaned up and put away. We got the cookies and frosting and stuff out to decorate. Seth was all about it and very much into the decorating.

Here's Joe supervising and trying my pumpkin cheesecake. Joe made a Redskins football player out of one of the cookies.

Here are the cookies.

It was funny when the boys made cookies for me and Jamie. They wrote Sam and Jamie on the cookie instead of mom and dad. How strange.

Then Friday Joe and Corrina had to head out so they could get to Cheryl's and spend some time with her before driving all the way back to Colorado. It was great having them here and like I said I hope they can make it back this summer.