Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Seth's 7th Birthday

Wow I must have been busy again. I haven't updated in a long time.

Last week was Seth's birthday. During the day I went with his class to Wilderness Walk for a field trip. I will post pictures of that later. It was so much fun and I can't wait to take people there.

Seth's birthday dinner was of course McDonald's and he brought cupcakes to school for class. Then we headed home to open presents.

Seth got to make his own crown for school. The teacher has it all cut out and then they get to paint it with water colors.

We got Seth his own glove. Now he doesn't have to borrow his brothers for practice and games.

Pirate game for the DS.

Stars Wars Lego shirt. He had to wear this the next day. Loved it.

The last gift was his penguin Pillow Pet. He has been asking for this since Christmas. He normally sleeps on his stuffed dog, but all the stuffing is now in the head or feet. So he now sleeps on the penguin.

It's soooo soft.

Still can't believe he's 7.
Then on Saturday Seth had his first T-ball game. He kept calling it a battle. And of course I would correct him. After the game we got one of his friends and went to the bar and grill downtown. It has a 4 lane bowling alley in it and the boys played 2 games.

Here are the scores. Seth won the first game and Dean won the second. And yes we had the guard things up.

After that we walked down to West Dairy and got ice cream cones. It was a great day.