Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wrestling Tournaments

I know it's been awhile since I have posted anything. Sorry about that. Our computer crashed twice and luckily the computer guy was able to pull my pictures off the hard drive. Of course now my itunes isn't recognized anymore and I have to reload stuff all the time. Oh well.

We have been busy around here like always. We have boy scouts every other Monday and wrestling every Wednesday. And I am back to helping in school three times a week and my walking group on Tuesdays. At least with the wrestling tournaments it's still up to us if we want to go. We have gotten the boys into three so far. Tomorrow is the last day of practice and they are going to have a pizza party for the kids.

Here are a few pictures of two of the meets we went to. First was in Bruce.

The boys were out on the mat before hand warming up with two of their team mates.

Here is Seth's first match. It happened so fast that I only got about two pictures.

And done.

Jake's first match.

Seth ended up with Fourth place out of four kids.

Jake ended up with third place out of four.
Next was Spooner. The coaches pushed for as many of the kids to come as they could.

Jake got second out of four.

Seth got fourth out of four again. He got that at the third meet too. He got very frustrated after that meet and told me that he didn't want to do wrestling anymore. I'm hoping he will do it again next year though.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas 2010

This year we had Jamie's side on Christmas and my side on New Years. Not sure why, other then I always forget something. But I forgot to bring my camera to Jamie's side. So I have no pictures of the boys opening there gifts or family pictures that we always do. I tried to use my nephew's girlfriend's camera. But they came out to light and washed out. Oh well. I guess there is always next year.

For my side we all sit in the living room at my mom's and take turns opening. We go youngest to oldest and only open one at a time.

I'm siting in the corner so I didn't get any good pictures of AJ and Shelly. :(

Seth got a couple lego city sets. Which we had to put together right away.

I got Mason a couple roller coaster sets. He likes to build things so I thought those would be great.

Both Michael and Jakob got Paper Jam's with amplifiers. As soon as we were done opening they were up in my old room jamming out.

Mason took a bunch of the wrapping paper and covered himself up. Then Sidney went over and said oh look another present for me and unwrapped him.

One of the gifts Jamie got was a head lamp. He uses that when he goes out ice fishing at night. That thing is so bright he just about blinds me when he comes in with it on.

Mick got a new folding chair that reclines. That should make watching the softball games a lot more comfortable.

One of the gifts I got my sister was the DVD of Glee season 1. I had told her that I wasn't going to be able to get it cause it was over the price limit with what I had already gotten her. But when I was in Mankato I was going through the ads for the day after Christmas sales. And I saw it was on sale super cheap. Jamie told me I shouldn't have told her how much I spent, but it just sort of came out. :) Plus it was an awesome deal.

We got Duane his annual meat and cheese set.

Jamie got mom a lamp and she seemed very confused when she opened it.

But we thought it would go nice on the new bedside table Shelly's dad built for her. She was so surprised by it and had no idea. Her dad also built her a new headboard too. So once we got all picked up we headed up stairs and took the old one down and the new one up.
Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Update: Gingerbread House

This is what happens when you have two little boys that don't listen to you. And an unsupervised dog.

I didn't realize it was missing until Sunday after church. I asked the boys if they ate the whole house cause I couldn't find it and they said all they ate was the chocolate chips off the roof. So I started to look under the couch in the basement and this is what I found.

At least someone in the house got to enjoy it. And no Spike didn't get sick, he was totally fine and that's why I thought the boys ate it all. Crazy dog.

So to all that read this blog have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

School Christmas Programs and Snow

This past Tuesday Seth had his school program. I love seeing all the kids dressed in their Christmas best. I dropped Seth off and it looked like he was the only one not in a shirt and tie. But luckily there were a couple others in polos like him. I don't think I could get him in a tie if I paid him.

Once the kids get on the stands they teachers let the adults come down to the front and take pictures of the kids.

Here Seth just figured out were I was in the crowd.
I believe Jake was next to me making faces at Seth.

During one of the songs the kids took out kazoos and played them instead of singing the words. Super cute.
Then on Thursday we had Jakob's concert.

He found me right away.

Not to sure what those two are laughing at. : )

I think Jake was trying to explain to his friend were the rest of his family was.

After the concert we went back to Jakob's classroom to pick him up and also got to take his gingerbread house home. I went in on Tuesday morning and helped Jake makes his during class. It was a lot of fun. I wore a black long sleeve shirt there and come out almost white from the frosting.

Today we are hanging out in the house and waiting for the snow to stop. I think it started about 3 or 4 this morning. I was up at 2 and nothing was going on yet.
Jamie went out in to the woods and took a chainsaw to a few trees that had fallen down on the trail he uses to get out to the lake. Once that was done he took the boys out for a quick drive.

You'll have to trust me, but Seth is sitting in front.

Jake, Jamie and Spike heading out for Jake's ride.

Hi mom!!

And through the woods to Grandma's house we go!