Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Seth is now 6!!!

On May 20th Seth turned 6. It was his "special day", so I picked the boys up from school and then Seth got to decide on what he wanted for supper. His first choice was pizza rolls. Then his brother reminded him of McDonald's, so that is where we went. Then we headed home to open gifts.

This dinosaur growls and hisses at people if they touch it's nose. It also shots out water, which got all over Jamie. It was sort of funny to watch.
He got more peanut butter cups for his lunch bag.
More chalk for outside. He loves to draw race tracks and our driveway is pretty big. So one piece of chalk is normally gone in one track.

Sidewalk paint is good to make tracks with also.

More Color Explosions. Seth likes to draw on these during church.

Not sure if he is checking for more gifts inside or what he is doing.

We got Seth a 360 Razor. So I made him stand up and cover his eyes while Jamie brought it up from the basement. This thing was not fun to put together, but it's fun to watch them ride it.
So we headed outside to give it a shot. So up the big driveway he went.

And he spun that thing around in circles. It made me sick watching him. He will be the king of the tilt a whirl.

Then Jakob had to try it out.

Back inside for cake. Not sure why but the dinosaur had to stand next to the cake.
I still can't believe he is 6.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pow Wow

Last Friday, I believe, was Native American Day. So we got to go to a Pow Wow in the Intermediate School. Here are some of the pictures I took.

They also honored our soldiers.

She was so cute.

At the end they invited the kids to come down and dance. You can sort of see Jake in the middle. He has a red shirt and black coat on.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Candy Store

Last Friday I went with Seth's class and another Kindergarten class on their field trip to the candy store in town here. They were soooo excited to go and there were a couple arguments on who had been there more. Ashton has been there over a million times, Gabby is around a hundred, and Seth told his class he as been there only once. : )

While we had this discussion we waited for the other class to come to our room. Once they arrived we walked a few blocks down to the store.

Once we got inside each person was able to take a sucker to eat while we toured the store. Seth took a sucker, but saved it for Jakob.

Here is a picture of both classes.
The kids took a quick walk around the store while the owner and his helper got ready.
I thought this was a very dangerous thing to do with kids. But they did a very good job.

Can you tell Seth is use to me taking his picture???

Then the kids all lined up behind the glass wall to watch them make fudge.

First they pour the stuff onto the marble table.
Then he adds marshmallow and chocolate.

After it starts to melt they take the metal bars off the sides and start to mix it around.
And mix......
And mix.......
Making sure they don't have any chocolate left over on the table.
Then they add whatever nut they want.

And mix some more. Once that is mixed together they scoop piles on to the metal trays, shape into a rectangle and let sit to harden.
Once they were done we toured the place one more time.
Then we waited for free samples.

Soooooo yummy.

If your interested in ordering candy you can go to their website.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fishing Opener

Jamie and Josh headed out around 5:30 - 6:00 Saturday morning for the Fishing Opener. They came back around 10:00 with two fish. Jamie got a 24 in. Walleye and Josh got a Northern.

Josh and Bob, Jen's dad, went out on Sunday for the day. Josh came back with two more Northern.

Jamie, the boys, and I went out Sunday evening to do some more fishing. Jamie got a bite, but nothing stayed. And all I got was snags. But it was so nice to be out on the lake finally. It's just amazing how much water there is. It feels like it goes on forever.

Here are some pictures of Jamie and Josh with there fish.