Monday, March 23, 2009

Polar Plunge

As some of you know Jamie was a part of a polar plunge here in Hayward this past weekend. It was to help support Hospice and Jamie jumped in honor of his dad. Jamie was able to raise over $500 dollars, thank you to all that donated. Since he raised so much money he was given a t-shirt and sweatshirt. Sounds like if he would have raised over $1,000 they would have given a windbreaker too.

Saturday turned out to be a very nice day. The temps were in the 50's and clear skies. So I think that helped the jumpers in not thinking about how cold the water was going to be.

Cheryl and Josh also came to the jump with me and the boys to support Jamie.

Here is the local rescue team cutting the ice and getting the hole ready to jump into. The guys in the yellow suits stayed in the water the whole time. They helped get the people to the ladder once they jumped in.

They also had skydivers jump before the plunge. The had to try and hit a target that was on the ice. I think 3 out of the 4 hit the target.

The guy doing the announcing told them that next year they had to try and make it into the water. I don't think they will be back next year if that is the case.
Here is the group Jamie jumped with. They are from the church we go to and as a whole they jumped for Farmer Bill who past away. That is why they are dressed as farmers.
We tried to find one of Jim's elevator shirts for Jamie to wear. But of course I cut them all up to make the blankets. So Jamie found one of his jean shirts and wore that instead.

Not to sure why he got so much air during his cannonball. But he ended up hitting the bottom of the lake with his butt. The hole was only about 4 feet deep.
He ended up getting some of the press wet with his big jump. So I don't think he will be in the paper.

He mentioned the water was so cold that you had a hard time getting your breath when you came up.

Jamie tried to swim to the ladder, but like I said he couldn't get any air.

Just a little cold I would say.

He pointed to the boys, cause they were laughing at him.
Melanie I think you asked if I was going to do the jump next year. My answer to that is are you kidding me!!!! Jamie said it wasn't all that bad. But I think I will leave the jumping up to him.

Friday, March 20, 2009

In Honor of Spring

Jakob has been growing his hair out all winter. Cause he said he needed it longer to keep his head warm and he wanted hockey hair. We have gone in a couple times to trim it. But not much was taken off when we did. I made a deal with him that he could grow it out. But once spring got here he had to cut it off again. We agreed and life went on.
Then the other day I looked at the calendar and saw that Friday was the First Day of Spring. I told this to Jakob and he told me to make a haircut appointment cause it was time to cut it off.

It's amazing how one little haircut can make them look so different.
And yes this is my child. Can't you tell from the crazy pictures. He's such a goof ball. You just have to love him. : )
Happy Spring Everyone!!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

A New Addition

Last Friday a local radio station had a radio auction. It was called Recession Buster and they had all sorts of things on there they were auctioning off. Well both Josh and Jamie listen to this station on there way to work. Josh called Jamie and they discussed what items they wanted to bid on so they wouldn't be out bidding the other.

I got a phone call from Jamie around lunch time telling me to turn on the radio. I asked what I was listening for and he told me to listen for the going once count down. Well they counted down on an item and I told Jamie it was sold and he informed me that he bought the item. He bought a floating dock like raft for the lake. It is 8 feet X 10 feet, two lounge chairs that can be raised or lowered and also a table that can be raised or lowered into the raft. It also has a step ladder on the side and reflectors around it so other boats can see it at night. Sorry I don't have a picture of it. I will add it once we get it.

Then he called back a little bit later and said he was bidding on another item. And asked if anyone else was bidding on it too. See Jamie doesn't have a radio in his office so he had no idea if someone was trying to out bid him or not. And of course there was a lady trying to out bid. But Jamie would call back each time and raise the bid. In the end Jamie got the auction item.

I'd like to introduce you to a new addition to our family. She's real pretty and fast. : )

Luckily we still had a little bit of snow that Jamie could get it to the lake.

Here's Josh dragging Seth in the ice fishing sled. You can't see Seth very well but he's in there enjoying himself.

Jamie and Jakob coming back from a tour of the lake. Dang trees.
Jamie and Seth
Once Jamie gave the boys rides on the sled he tied the ice fishing sled to the back and drove the boys around some more.
I also got to enjoy a ride on the sled by myself. But of course no one took a picture of that. Then Jakob and I took a little ride. I was starting to get freaked out though. There were a bunch of puddles of water on the ice and it scared me, so I made Jakob go back.
Jamie took the sled out again on Sunday and gave the boys rides. I told him he was done for the year now. The temps have been in the 50's and we even got to 60 yesterday. So I don't really want to worry about him falling into the lake.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Birthday's and Seth

We headed to Owatonna this weekend to get the rest of our stuff out of the garage. And to also go to Kathy's surprise 40th birthday party. I'll get to Seth later.

Cody and Myranda decorating the living room and kitchen area.

Kathy coming in and seeing everyone.

All dressed up in her 40/Over the Hill gear.

Friends and Family.

The yummy cake.

Jakob and Jamie playing ping pong in the basement. I love the bar signs he has down there.
Sounds like everyone had a good time. Per Kathy everyone left around 3 a.m.
On March 9th we celebrated Jakob's birthday. He turned 8 this year.
Here are some of his presents.
Sonic and the Black Knight for the Wii.
Jolly Ranchers, he likes to pack one in his cold lunch for school.
Blow Pops, just cause he likes them.
A three pack Crash game for the Playstation 2.
New shirt, which he wore the next day to school.
And we got him a new bike. One that is more his size and no training wheels. Lord have mercy when we start to teach him to ride.
Jake decided he want chocolate cupcakes for his birthday cake. Can you really blame the guy???
I still can't believe he is 8.........
Then there is Seth. Lord have Mercy on this one. So the story starts out at Kathy's party. Seth and Jakob were playing with their cousin and they were all wrestling around. From what I understand Seth got pushed off the bed, then Jakob got pushed off the bed. And Jakob landed on Seth's arm. Seth came out into the living room and told us Jakob landed on his arm and he heard a crack. We tried to get him to bend it and move it around to see if he was OK and he wouldn't do it. I asked if he want to go to the doctor and he said yes. So we loaded him up in the truck and Cheryl took Jakob with her.
I handed Jakob his boaster seat for the car and he went to the other car. Jamie asked me why Jakob was in the front seat and I said I had no idea. So he walked over to the car and asked what he was doing. He just put his head down and said dang it. Cory asked if he was suppose to be in front or in back. When Jamie said in back Cory looked back at Jakob and said no wonder your excited to go.
So off to the ER we went since Urgent Care closes at 8:00 and it's now 10 to 8. There was no way we could make it in time. Once we got Seth into the ER the doctor said he was going to give Seth a shot of Morphine to take the edge off the pain. I thought if Seth is faking it he'll fess up when he sees the needle. But he said it hurt really bad still, so the nurse gave him the shot. But when she went to poke him Seth bucked on her so she had to poke him twice. Poor guy.
We waited for a little bit for this to take effect. (Which I don't think it every did.) We rolled Seth into the X-Ray room. The lady started on the right side cause they wanted comparison shots. Then went to the left. The first one wasn't to bad cause he got to keep it bent. When she went to straighten his arm with his palm up he screamed at her. He told her it hurt and to stop touching him. So I knew something was wrong and it wasn't just bruised.
Once the X-Ray came back the doctor said he thought it was broke. But he was only going to put a splint, ace bandage and a sling on him. He wanted us to see and Orthopedic doctor to make sure it wasn't just a growth plate.
Here is Seth with his splint and sling.
So Monday I called and got into a doctor here in Hayward. The doctor got the radiologist report from Owatonna and they said it was broke also. But the doctor still wanted to have the Orthopedic doctor take a look at. That way they would know how to treat him better. And they only come in on Tuesday and Wednesday.
I got the call Tuesday from the doctor in the morning that they wanted to put just a cast on him. The Orthopedic doctor didn't think they needed to do surgery. And the cast should only have to be on for three weeks. Let's hope he is right and we get this taken off.
When we were in the ER I looked at Jamie and said you know we only had two months left to go. For some reason Seth seems to break something every other year. When he was one he broke his hip, three he broke his foot, and now at five he broke his elbow.
Here is Seth with his new black cast lounging at home. He is so my son with the bag of Funyuns next to him.
This is a picture of his X-Ray. The pen is pointing to the break. Not sure but sometimes if you click on the picture it will make it bigger if you want a better look at it.