Monday, February 15, 2010

Fishing Tournament

We went to the Family Fishing Tournament again this year. And again we didn't do very well. But it was fun to be out and enjoy the day.

Josh and Jamie set up a bunch of tip ups. We got two flags, but there was nothing on the end when they got to them.
This is were I spent most of the day. Josh had the heater going and also his new fish finder. I really like it. There is a fake fish on the end of a video cable and you can see the fish swimming around ignoring your bait. OK so I got a little frustrated but it was nice to see there was actually something swimming down there.

Jamie brought our portable camping grill and some brats. So we had a little picnic while we were out there. The boys and I ate in the truck to stay warm.

Here is about the only time you will see Jamie holding a beer. He used it for the brats.

Now this is where everyone else was compared to us. I think they knew something we don't.

The boys played in the truck most of the time to keep themselves entertained. The tournament started at 9 a.m. and went until 3 p.m.

Here are our two biggest fish for the day. Needless to say they are not that big. And by the time Jamie and Josh had everything packed up it was past 3 so we couldn't register them. Once we got back to shore I asked to go up and see if other people had better luck then us. All I can say is those other fish were HUGE. I wish I would have brought my camera up there and took some pictures of them. There is no way we would have come close to winning. But it was nice to spend the day with my family so that's all that mattered.

Update on me: I am now done with chemo and couldn't be happier. As of right now my surgery for the hysterectomy will be March 16th. And then I will go back for check ups every 3 months for a year or so. So I decided to leave my port in for a bit longer. I would love to take it out the same time as my surgery. But with all the check ups I thought it would be better to leave it in. Once again thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for us.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Sorry I once again haven't been on here in awhile.

A few weeks ago Jakob had his first Pinewood Derby through Boy Scouts. And of course I forgot my camera to take pictures of the race.

They had a very nice track for the kids. It was all computerized and lights added to it to show which lane won. With it being computerized within seconds it would show on a screen who won and how fast they all were going. They had each car race on all four tracks with a different set of cars each time. Then the computer would put all the times together and figured out who won in each age group. It was very nicely done. Unfortunately Jake's car didn't go as fast as the others. But he still had a good time.

Here a couple of pictures of the car Jamie and Jakob designed and made.

Update on me: I only have one treatment left. Yeah!!!!!! I'm so happy to be so close to being done. I know I still have another surgery, but I will be so happy when the chemo is done. At least with the surgery I get good painkillers. : )
This last time the joint pain got pretty bad on Sunday. Now is seems to be getting better again. I am losing finger nails also. Of course they weren't that pretty to start with, but I do hope they come back. I look like I have been watching to many scary movies and bit all my nails off. Other then that it's the same old, same old. Just trying to keep up with the boys and all there stuff.