Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cody, Kyle and Relay for Life

It's been a week or two now, but two of my nephews came up for a visit. The first day here Cody and Kyle tried a little fishing from the dock.

At one point Jake was luring the fish in and Kyle was trying to net them. That didn't work very well.

Cody tried his luck off of Josh's boat.

Then it was time to swim. Taylor and Spike swimming after tennis balls.

Kyle tried a little kayaking.
Have you ever seen a dog get up on a floating raft? Here's how it's done.

Jump up as far as you can.

Hook one paw around the ladder and pull.

Then finish with the back feet.
On Friday it was the Relay for Life here in Hayward. And for some reason I agreed to tell my story during the opening ceremonies. Before it even started a huge rain storm came through and we all had to go to the high school lunch room. So that's where I ended up giving my speech.
From what I have been told people really liked it and there wasn't a dry eye. I wouldn't know, cause I didn't left my head to often. For fear that I would cry myself or lose my spot.

Once the rain was done we headed out to the track and did the first lap of the night. Which is the Survivor lap. They asked me to hold the banner and to also have Jakob and Seth walk with me.
The second lap was the caregiver lap. I was very happy to be able to have my mom and Jamie walk with me during that lap. I hope it meant as much to them as it did to me.
Then of course on Saturday we headed out to the lake and did a little tubing.

Cody was up first.

Not sure what is going on here.

Then it was Kyle.

And of course per Seth's request we stopped at one of the islands so they could all swim.

Jamie noticed Cody's sunglasses and tried them on. So I of course made him put his captains hat on with them.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Schubert's

Someday I will get to the last couple days of our Main trip. =]

My friends from Owatonna came up this past weekend for a little vacation. The first day here and we headed straight to the lake. It was a little cloudy that day so sorry for the dark pictures. I tried to use my flash, but it didn't work very well.

Jason and Jake wrestling over the Buzz Lightyear floaty.
Katlyn and Seth taking a little break.

Poor Jason was trying to tighten a screw on the floating dock and Ethan kept netting him.

Trying to jump off the floating thing.

Taking another break and eating the Carmel Chex Mix. This stuff is soooo yummy.

Ready to go snorkeling.

Katlyn and Jason relaxing.

Brenda, Ethan, Jason, Katlyn, Jakob, and Seth all decided to take a little tour on the paddle boat.

Once they got back Jason and Ethan headed over to the other side of the lake to do a little fishing.

Taking a little break on the beach.

Brenda cleaning Katlyn's feet of sand before she got her shoes on.

Ethan's turn.
Saturday we headed out to do a little tubing and tour the lake.

First up was Katlyn. We had Jake ride with.

Her face says it all.
At one point Jake had to stand up because her hair was whipping him in the face.

Next was Ethan.
Love the shades.

This picture is great.

After tubing we stopped at one of the islands and let the kids run around.

We also had a little picnic lunch at the island. Then we got attacked by horseflies so we headed over to a different island to explore and swim.

Ethan decided to take a little nap after swimming.
After swimming we talked Jamie into driving around and looked for different wildlife.

Loon with it's baby. Man the babies are not cute.



And of course a Bald Eagle.

The next day after Brenda and her family went home my neighbor came over and asked if my cousin had a good time. This made me laugh cause people use to ask us if we were sisters. I haven't had anyone think we were cousins. But I do believe they all had a good time.