Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Maine - Day Two

The next day we got up and drove the Park Loop of Arcadia National Forest. As we were driving around Jamie saw a spot to stop and hike. So we pulled over and started to hike in the woods. We got to one open area and this is the view we had.

Then we started to go up the hill some more. It felt like we were walking forever. Once we got to the top of that this is the view we had.
Jamie with the Atlantic behind him.

Me being dumb. =]

Such a pretty view.

Next stop was Sand Beach. There was a really nice beach here and I decided I needed to walk in the water. That way I could say I had been in the Atlantic Ocean.

It came in a little higher and faster then I thought it would. And it was super cold.

This is Thunder Hole. It got it's name from when the water comes in it crashes and sounds like thunder.

Here are the rocks in front of Thunder Hole.

This is the other side.

We came across this house on our drive. I thought it was pretty cool. It looks like something out of The Lord of the Rings.
For lunch we stopped at Jordon Pond, they are suppose to have these amazing Pop-Overs. We each got a cup of soup and our own order of pop-overs. The are served with butter and jam. I have to admit I was not that impressed with them. It just looked like a double muffin and there wasn't anything to the inside of them. But that's ok, I can say that I have had them and that's all that matters.

Once we were done with lunch we walked around the grounds. Here are the The Bubbles. We sat down and relaxed for a little bit and enjoyed the view. I asked Jamie if he wanted to walk around the area some more and he told me to go ahead. I started to walk down the path and when I turned around this is what I saw.

He was going to try to take a nap.

On my walk I came across a little stream.

And stone bridge with a horse and carriage going over it.

They also have these carriage roads that you can walk, bike, or rent the horse and carriage.

Here is a house we came across on the carriage road.

A little further down the road we found this bridge. I love this stone style.
At the end of the Loop we came to Cadillac Mountain.

Here is the view from the top. Thank God they had a road to the top.
Here is Jamie's attempt to make it look like I was walking from island to island.
After that we headed back to Bar Harbor and went down to the beach. When the tide is out you can walk from the main island to Bar Island.

Tide is out and we are heading over.

You have to pay attention to what time it is or you can get trapped on the island. I believe you can walk back but at high tide it will be up to your chest.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trip to Maine - Day One

This past November was Jamie and I's 10th anniversary. And it was also Jamie's year to plan our anniversary gift. So in my card from him he wrote that once I was done with treatment and was feeling better we would go to Maine. I have had "Eating lobster on the wharf" on my bucket list for a long time.

So here is day one of our trip....

This is my first glimpse of Maine through the airplane window.

And since we were going to fly into Bangor Maine around noon and we couldn't check into the Bed and Breakfast until two or so. I decided that we had to find the house to one of my favorite authors.....


And yep, I found the house. Isn't it awesome????!!!!!

Front View. I love the spider web gate and dragon/gargoyles on the posts.

Side view. It goes back really far from the road.

Three headed dragon on a different post.
Once we got to Bar Harbor on island we took a scenic walk around the town. They had a flyer of different historic places in the town.
One of the places was an old church that had different stain glass windows. Some of them are even Tiffany windows. And I'm a sucker for stain glass so we had to stop and get pictures.

After that we decided to walk on the beach.

Jamie doesn't do to bad of a job taking our picture.

After all the walking and a little window shopping we decided to get something to eat. One of the places that was recommended to us was Thurston's at the other end of the island. This place is a lobster pound. You pick out what size lobster you want and they boil them out back for you.

Thurston's Lobster Pound

Here's the poor lobsters we picked to eat.

The lady working there was super funny. I asked her if I could take pictures and she let me go in the back with her when she dropped the lobsters in. They go in the little bag, dropped in the boiling water and then the lid is shut on them to cook.

Here is a bunch of the lobster traps on the dock.

First bite of the lobster claw and butter. You also get an ear of corn and coleslaw with the meal.
One of the other people eating took our picture for us.

After we got done eating we headed back to the bed and breakfast, grabbed a movie and just relaxed in our room.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I would like to introduce Spike. We got him the night we got back from Maine. I will be posting Maine pictures later.

I forgot how much work puppies are. I don't remember how old Fender was when we got her, but she seemed a lot bigger then Spike.
We'll see how long it will be before he is chasing Taylor and following her into the lake with the boys. Right now all I'm worried about it potty training.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wilderness Walk

One of the field trips that Seth's class went on was to Wilderness Walk. It's a place here in town that has all sorts of animals. Some are in cages and some are just running around.

Here we go inside. Make sure you hold on to your buddy's hand. : ) I was only in charge of Seth and his two friends Dean and Matthew. Which made things a whole lot easier.
First up was the bears.

A cougar


And a Zedonk, which is half Zebra and half Donkey. I also took a picture of the sign because I figured people wouldn't believe me.

There you go.

You can also feed the goats.

Oh look a camel.
Then we got out more quarters and loaded up on corn. We turned around to go find more animals and this deer came out of no where and started to eat Dean's corn. I was scared at first, but then I saw a couple more running around and realized they were suppose to be loose.

Peacocks. If you have watched the movie Up and remember what the Snipe sounded like you will know what the peacock sounds like. It started to call and Seth looked at me and asked if it was a Snipe. Then started to tell other people in the park that there was a Snipe in a cage. I laughed every time he said it and then would correct him.


This poor turtle was trying to escape. He just kept climbing the fence and then falling down.

There's also a spot to feed Trout.


Matthew, Dean and Seth.

Here you put corn in the coffee can and pull the rope so it can eat out of it.

Panning for gold.
One of the moms told me that on a normal day you turn the gold in for candy. Or something like that.

I have this feeling that I might see Seth like this again later on in life.