Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Family Vacation - Colorado

Monday after the wedding about 25 family members headed into town and we went white water rafting. It was so much fun. Of course the water level was really low for that time of the summer and we got hung up on some rocks. But it was awesome. Seth on the other had is very upset with us. He was not old enough or heavy enough to go, so he went back to the cabins with Grandma Cheryl. She said she would figure out something to make him happy. And he told her that he was upset and nothing she did would make him happy. But of course Jamie promised him that we would come back to CO in a couple years when he was able to go. I think this helped a little.

Here is a picture of the raft I was in. I took this off of Aunt Melanie's facebook page. Thanks Melanie. : )
Then we headed into town the next day and did a little looking around. Not sure if this was taken by Seth or Jakob.

Here's Seth in the restaurant. He was just not feeling the exploring that day.

We also did a little exploring around the resort. Here is a hill that looks like an elephant outline. Can you see it?

We stopped at a lake and took some pictures.

Cheryl and Rosemary

Me and Jamie

Cory and Kathy

Cody and Myranda

Lewis and Clark : )

A waterfall that we found next to the road.

Jamie took Seth down the hill to get a closer look.

Here I am kissing the man in the mountain. Can you see the profile on the side of the hill?

This is the view from the cabin we stayed in.

One of the days we headed up to Estes State Park.

This is the Stanley Hotel. It was the inspiration for Stephen King to write the Shining.

Out of all the wonderful scenery we could look at the boys decided to stare at a chipmunk. He is in between them and down a little bit.

Here are some bull Elk.

So if you remember in past pictures with Jamie and the boys. They are always smiling and looking at the camera. This is what I get when I'm in the picture.

Seth has his eyes closed and Jakob is past out from walking all the way up the mountain.

Then again Jakob has his eyes shut and Seth looks ticked off. : )

Boys at the Continental Divide.

I had to take a picture of this bird cause Jake said it looked like it had a mohawk.

A different waterfall we hiked to.

Jamie and boys heading back down.

Here you can see how high up we were.

Next we will be going to South Dakota.

Also thanks to everyone for your love and support through this rough time. I know with all of you and God we will make it through. Thanks again. Love ya. Sam

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fish and School

We interrupt the family vacation pictures to show you the new champion of fish in our house. Here is Josh with his 27 1/2 Walleye.

It weighed a little over 7 pounds. And no he did not keep it. We took the pictures and then they returned it to the lake. I asked if he was going to mount it, but Josh said he was waiting for the 30 in Walleye before he does that.

And Tuesday was the first day of school for the boys here. We are back to getting up at 6:00 and waiting for the bus by 6:50. Jake is doing good and is fine with going back. Seth told me today that he wished there was no law saying he had to go to school. He wants to just stay home. I'm hoping he never hears about home schooling or I'm going to be in for another fight. I'm thinking he just doesn't like that he was a new group of kids in his class and not the same people as last year. Let's hope he gets over this real quick or it's going to be a long year.