Monday, January 19, 2009

Shaw Christmas and Fox Christmas

Once again I am behind on posting. Sorry about that. It's been a crazy week. Here we go.....

The Saturday after Christmas we had Jamie's side for Christmas. Unfortunately Cory, Kathy and Cody could not make it due to a stomach flu. But Kameron, Kyle and Myranda (Cody's girlfriend) all came and left the sick ones at home.

Kam, Kyle, Myranda waiting for the gifts to be passed out.

We had the two boys hand out the gifts. Which in turn caused some gifts going to the wrong people. For one Seth can't read yet so he was just handing out to anyone if no one told him who's name it was. And I think Jake was just looking at the first letter and handing to who he thought it should go to. In this family that doesn't work since you have Cheryl, Corrina, Cory, and Cody with C's. Jamie, Josh, and Jakob with J's. Kathy, Kameron, and Kyle with K's. Seth and Sam with S's. Miranda is the only one on her own.

Corrina and Josh sharing the bench to open presents. Jamie went to get Corrina that morning from the airport. I thought it would be nice to give them a little one on one time since they never get that. Sounds like the drive home went good.

Here is Jamie opening one of our gifts. I let him open the gifts to the both of us. The present had all this wax paper in it so we were laughing at him as he was trying to figure out what the present was and where in the box it might be.

This is what the gift was. It was a sign with our name on it for the new house. The picture reminded her of the Flowage.

One of Jakob's presents was comic books from Corrina. I found him in the middle of gift opening in the corner trying to read his comic. I have also found him in his room reading them. So this is a very good present for him. My mom got him some a few years back and we still read them.

Seth got a Match Box race track and some cars. He loves these cars. They are all over the house. If I try to put them away he gets upset with me cause then he can't find them.

There is a joke with Josh that every time you ask him what he wants for Christmas he would say a Red Rider Beebe Gun. And then he would launch into the movie A Christmas Story and say the entire thing. So one day I was going through the adds in the paper and I saw the gun and decided I was going to get it for him. He loves it and has set up a target range in his house. He has a long hallway from the front door to the kitchen. So he set up a box with a homemade target at one end and shots from the other. From what I understand it shots high and to the right.

And the joke between me and Josh for me is my mixer. When we first moved into the house the first thing I set up was my mixer on my wood counter top. Josh told me it would be cool to paint something on it. And I said, "Yeah, like flames shooting out." This was not what he was thinking. He was thinking more like lilies or some sort of flower. So we sat and laughed about that. Well for Christmas he got me a decal for the mixer.

Isn't that awesome.
The other part of it says Lethal Threat. I'm trying to figure out how to take the h out and make it Lethal Treat. : )

The family got Cheryl a GPS system. She said she wanted one since she is visiting us all and going to different places.

Kam and Kyle figuring out there different gift cards.

Cory and Kathy got us fireplace tool set. We sooooo needed this. I have been borrowing stuff from the neighbor. So it was nice to get our own.

Jamie got a turkey fryer from his mom. I guess Josh informed Cheryl that we will need one of those this summer to fry up all the fish we will be catching. Not sure what we will be in to catch the fish since the aren't around our dock and we don't have a boat.

And now the moment you have all been waiting for. The blankets.

Corrina with hers.

Josh with his.

Jamie with his. Jamie designed everyones patterns for me. But he did not want to do his own. He wanted it to be a surprise like everyone else. So we had Jake do 4 lines, Seth did 4 lines and I did 3. So his pattern is more on the line by line way. And everyone else has an overall pattern.

I surprised Cheryl and did one for her also. I was cutting it so short that I think I got hers done in a week.

Since Cory wasn't there I had Kam and Kyle hold it up for me. Kathy did let me know that he liked the blanket.

Here are the boys giving Cheryl a hard time. They were trying to put her new under the cabinet radio up.

And Corrina playing with Seth's new toy.

Kam relaxing after the gift opening.

And of course our group pictures. Corrina with her Godchild Kyle.

Josh and his Godchild Kam.

Jakob and Seth with Corrina. They never leave her alone when she is home. They always take her camera and run around the house taking the oddest pictures. But it's fun to see what they come up with.

Josh with his number 1 woman Taylor.

Jamie, Corrina, and Josh.

Our family.

Now on to Sunday and the Fox Christmas. Each year we all try to gather together and play the dice game at the Worke house. This can be a very stressful game. There are always packages that you just don't know if you should take them or not. Due to the fact that there are things that came back each year that you just don't want to get.

Now if you know Seth you know he hates people picking on him or laughing at him. So when it was finally his turn to pick a gift Dennis started to pick on him. He was not happy with this.

When he went for a gift Dennis acted like he was going to take it away from him. Seth grabbed it as fast as he could and ran back to me. He told me that he didn't like people laughing at him and didn't like Dennis teasing him. I told him he needed to get over that real fast if he wanted to stay in this family.

And every year someone brings a very large box and it is like a child magnet. This year our child Jake got the big box and was very proud of himself for this.

Inside was literally a white elephant. Jakob loves it.

This is it's new home at our place. Once we don't need the firewood any more that stand will go back behind the garage and the chair will go back again. So then we can bring the elephant out some more. Jakob would like to put bird seed in the bowl on it's back. We'll see about that one. Thank you Dennis and Chris for the wonderful elephant.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas Day we continued on to my mom's house in Hayfield. We let the kids run around a little bit before we had lunch and opened presents. This is my sister Bev helping Jakob get is Webkin registered and doing. She also helped Seth with his.

This is one side of the living room with all the kids and presents.

Here is the other side. I really think we sit this way each year.

Here is Mason with one of his gifts.

Michael with is new game arena.

Sidney was so cute. She tore off part of her present and just started to clap her hands and get all excited. It was a dress up outfit. Shelly had to open it right away and help her in it.

Then there is Jamie. When we came into the house Mason went up to Jamie and said I know what we got you for Christmas. And Jamie responded back with just an Oh yeah. And Mason looked at him and said yep it's a leave blower. Jamie was taken back that he actually told him. Once my sister found out that Mason told Jamie she was not happy at all. It's ok though. Cause I'm sure I will be the one using it anyways. Thanks Bev.

I found a place in town that prints pictures on canvas. So I had one of my pictures printed and framed for my mom and Duane.

Here is Shelly opening her new measuring bowls. Jamie was teasing her that he had to look all over for them. Yeah right. God bless Amazon when you leave in the woods.

I got AJ's name this year. I got him the new Hulk and Iron Man movie.

Here is Bev opening her new James Patterson book. Which I still don't have. I'm thinking I need to get to town today.

And poor Duane. In our family we all take turns opening a present. We go youngest to oldest. Well we where in the middle of one of the little kids opening and Duane started to open one of his gifts and we all started to yell at him. We all ended up laughing once he realized what he was doing.
Sidney also got some play makeup. Here is her first attempt.

Oh yeah. I also got AJ lounge pants.

For our last gift AJ came over and handed my mom this camera. He had her look at a picture that was on the back.

Here Bev is explaining that the picture is all the grand kids holding a sign that says Merry Christmas Grandma Hope you like your new camera.
This is mom figuring out that we just got her a new digital camera for Christmas. It makes me giggle when I look at this picture.
I think she likes it. : )

Mason and Seth getting into there new toys.

The boys attacking Jamie.
Jakob and Sidney posing with Jakob's Webkin.

Now Sidney getting into the fight with the boys.
Not to sure why put I don't have any pictures of Mick or Jakob opening any presents. Sorry about that guys.