Thursday, July 22, 2010

Relay for Life - Mankato

Since Jamie's dad past away from Lung Cancer a few years back it has been a tradition to decorate luminaries and go to the park to find them. We always meet up with some of the family and walk around the park looking at all the bags.

This year one of Jamie's aunts made a couple signs and had them on her dog.
This side said: Celebrating our loved ones Who are Survivors - Darin Fox Samantha Shaw

And this side said: Remembering Our loved ones Who we have lost - Kenneth Fox, Gordy Hanson, Jim Shaw
The first bag I came to was from Corrina. It was very hard for me to look at.

It reads: If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. James W. Shaw And next to the ultrasound it says This year you became "Grandpa" to your 6th grandson.

Here are some more of the bags we found for Jim.

This is Jakob's bag and it is him and Jim playing mini golf.

This is Seth's bag and it is him and Jim playing checkers.

After I took a picture of Corrina's bag for her dad I went to the other side to see what she wrote on there.

This is what I found. She made the other side for me. I was not ready for that and had to turn away from it for a second. The boys made bags for me, but I wasn't thinking anyone else would. Her bag read: We aquire the srength we have overcome ~Ralph Waldo Emerson To honor an amazing woman and sister-in-law Samantha Shaw.

This is Jakob's bag and it is me and him swimming.

Seth's bag and it is me and him on top of a mountain.

The back of Seth's bag made me laugh. He had just got done writing that he missed grandpa. So on mine he wrote I miss you Sam. Well Jamie made him cross off the miss and Sam and put in Love and mom.

The next day Cody came over to Cheryl's house and hung out with us for awhile. When he was heading out Jake asked if he could have a ride on his motorcyle. Well I of course said go ask your dad and I thought he would say no. But I was wrong. So the next thing I know Cody is putting his helmet on Jake. I was a wreck inside, but I'm glad the first ride was with Cody.

I think he liked it.
And since Jake got to ride Seth had a turn too.

He like it too.

Here's a quick pic of Taylor (Josh's dog) and Spike. He is already three months.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July Weekend

My sister, brother-in-law and the boys came up for the weekend. We went tubing, fishing, boating and watched the fireworks here on the lake this year.

Saturday we headed out to do a little tubing and fishing.

Up first was Michael.

I was worried that he wasn't having any fun. So when he got back to the boat we asked if he had a good time and he said yes.

Next up was Jakob. And of course he has been tubing before so Jamie wasn't as nice as he was to Micheal.

And now it's Mason's turn.

Jamie got him moving and I wasn't sure if he would like it either.

But it sounds like he had fun too.

And since Seth fell asleep on the boat Bev went last. Jamie was not nice to her at all. But I think she had a good time.

At one point Jamie was turning the boat to go the other direction and he started to wave at Bev. She said she knew she was in trouble when he did that.

She ended up hitting another boats waves and with the wind it flipped her right over.

But she got right back on it again.

I love this picture.

After the tubing we tried to do a little fishing.

We tried to tie up to one of the bogs. That was interesting to do. And Mick and Mason tried there luck at the front of the boat.

And Michael tried the rear.

4th of July we headed over to Sisco's Resort to watch the fireworks.

Sunset on the flowage.

Here are some pictures of the fireworks. Next year I'm going to read my manual and figure out how to take them the right way. Of course I say that every year and it never happens.

Monday we went out tubing again. This time we let Seth go first since he was still wake.

Ready to go.

He didn't go very long.

The boys decided to go in reverse order, so up next was Mason.

He was telling Jamie to faster.

Michael go a lot more speed this time.

Once Michael was done with getting whipped around he gave the signal to Jamie and Jamie towed him behind us to find an island to hang out on.

We tried to get Mason to put his arms out but he wouldn't do it.

We anchored next to Big Bannana Island and let the boys swim around.

They swam
And swam

Tried to wrestle some more
And swam some more
You might be looking at these pictures and wondering where Seth was. Well he once again fell asleep on the boat ride over.
Fun was had by all I hope.
I did have a really nice picture of Mick and Bev I was going to post. But my computer hates me and won't let me download it.
Side note: I got my port taken out on Thursday. So now other then check up appointments I am all done with my cancer treatment and surgeries!!!!!