Friday, September 26, 2008

Found picture

I found a picture with the poopy yellow fireplace. See project #2 and 3 to understand. : )

It's not very clear or bright. But you get the idea of why we needed to paint it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


So it is now officially Fall and you know what? I Love Fall!!!! It gives me reason to pull out my long jeans and big old sweatshirts. Of course I wear the sweatshirts all year long, but now I can wear them out side and not sweat to death. Makes me sooooo happy.

I also love the weather and the leaves. The leaves have been amazing up here. And from what I hear we aren't even at our peak yet.

I wish we had a boat so I could take some pictures of the trees around the lake. But instead I walked down the shore line a little. And walked about a mile down our 5 mile road to take some pictures for you. I hope you like them as much as I do.

This is off my porch. I know I hate myself sometimes too.

Not to sure what was going on with these rocks. They looked like they had fur on them.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Project #2 and 3

After staring at our firplace which was the color of baby poop, just my opinion, we decided to paint it. Here is the firplace before.

Before (Sorry I don't have any pics of the poop color)


Then we decided to bring the same color into the kitchen. At first I only painted the top part of the kitchen. But it looks unfinished that way and kept going.



We also had a visit from Jamie's mom Cheryl and his Grandma this weekend. It was so nice that Cheryl was able to bring Grandma up. We went up to Duluth on Friday while the boys where in school. I checked online and find out when one of the big boats was going to be coming in. We made it just in time to see it.

Did you notice the first name of the boat. James was the name of my father-in-law. Cheryl's husband and Grandma's son. So it was sort of fitting that we would see the James come in since he is the one that would take them to Duluth. Jamie also noticed the boat was from Wilmington, DE. Jim's middle name was William.

Grandma was on a mission this weekend. She had certain things she wanted to see. There was a boat in Duluth, which we saw. Loons and Eagles. Well on our way up to Duluth we took a back way so we could see all the pretty leaves and we saw a bear cross the road in front of us. On our way back we saw a hawk and 4 deer. Once we got home Jamie and Grandma went down to the dock and she saw 2 eagles and a loon. So I believe her weekend was complete.

Friday, September 12, 2008


A few weekends ago I decided I needed some salsa in the house. So I went into town and bought a bushel of tomatoes, some green peppers and a few onions. Then went to the store and got the rest of the stuff.

My mother-in-law told me about a new way two of Jamie's aunts fix the tomatoes. I hate to boil them to get the skin off. So she told me to add my grinder atachment to my new kitchen aide mixer and just grind it all up. After you core them of course.

Here is the lovely grinder in action. Doesn't that look good??!!

Now it would have been nice of the aunts to warn me that sometimes the tomotoe explodes out of the grinder. This normally happens when you push down on the tomatoes and there is an air pocket in there. Here is my poor floor after one of these episodes.

Luckily I had to wash my floor. Thanks guys.

MMMMmmmm doesn't that look good.

I ended up with two batches of salsa and one batch of speghitti sauce. Not to sure how it tastes yet. I don't think Jamie is very fond of the technique since it isn't chunky. Oh well. The poor guy will have to deal with it.

Now when you are canning isn't the best sound in the world that sudden pop of the can sealing it's self. Oh it's the best sound ever. The only time you don't want to hear it is two days later.

I had all my cans lined up in the pantry and I started to hear the same popping noise. So I went to check the jars and 9 of them have come unsealed. I have them in the frig now and I'm hoping they are still ok to eat. Well let's make that 10. I just went to check on them and another one is popped!!

So sad.... Maybe next year I will have better luck.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Projects #1

One of the projects I did in the house has painting the dining room area. Well I only painted two of the walls, but it was a huge improvement in my opinion. Take a look.....


See the pretty light fixture and the pretty curtains we had. Sorry there is only one before picture. I didn't take many pictures before I started my projects.


Don't you just love that green color on the wall. Cheryl helped me pick out the material for the curtains and then we picked out a green and a red paint color from the material. When we got home we showed Jamie and he went with the green. I just love it. I also love the light fixture. Of course the light bulb hanging from the wires does have it's only little flair. Just kidding.

We still need to hang stuff on the walls, but of course that is at the other house yet.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Beginning

I decided to start a blog for people to come and vist us. Since we moved so far away. I got the idea from my sister-in-law Corrina who is doing one of her own.

Lets start at the beginning as the title states. We moved to our new house in July, due to Jamie getting a new job. We are still in the process of moving all our stuff here since we still own the house in Owatonna. So if you know anyone interested in buying a house let me know. : ) Here are a couple pictures of the new house.



I'm still trying to get use to being so far out of town. We are about 20 minutes away from town right now. So when I tell Jamie I'm just going to run into town. That actually means I'll be back in an hour. I do have to say I like the peace, no traffic, loons calling, and waves rolling into the beach. This summer I pretty much spent most of my time on the front porch with one of my books and watching the boys run around the driveway. Soooo nice.

Well the boys are now in school and we have them in soccer. So far school is going good. Sounds like Jakob got lost his first day and I think that scared him pretty good. But other then that all is well. Seth comes home each day and tells me he is still above the line. Which means he isn't being naughty. : ) And as we all know with Seth that sometimes can be a challenge. Here are some pictures of soccer practice and the first day of school.

1 to 0

Waiting for the right kick

First day of school
Speaking of the first day of school. Could it be any darker in this photo?? The poor guys are picked up at 7:00 in the morning and dropped off at 4:30 in the afternoon. School is at 8:10 to 3:10. Sort of makes for a long day for them. One good thing is that we don't have to many fights at bedtime anymore.
Well I think I will end here. I will try to post the different stuff that we (me) are doing on the inside of the house.
Thanks for looking.............