Thursday, April 29, 2010

Science Project

Jakob had to do his first science project this year for school and we picked stalactites and stalagmites. We found the project in a book that his Uncle Joe and Aunt Corrina got him for Christmas. It has all kinds of different experiments you can do at home with stuff you all ready have around the house.

With this project you dissolve 1 teaspoon of baking soda in each of the two glasses of warm water. Then take three pieces of yarn and braid them together. Dip each end into the separate glasses and clip to the glass so they don't fall out. Then have a plate underneath the string to catch the dripping water.

Here is the project after a couple of days. As you can see I tried to move the box and a bunch of the water that was in the plate went all over.

Here is the project after about a week.

As the water evaporates off the yarn it leaves the baking soda behind. This is how the stalactites and stalagmites are also formed. As the water drips and evaporates it leaves minerals behind.

This summer we visited a cave in South Dakota, so I printed off three pictures from there that shows different cave formations. And I also had Jake write some stuff on the pages.

This page I had him write that the picture was from the Wind Cave in South Dakota. And also were the largest stalagmite is located. Which is in Cuba and it's over 213 feet tall.

The next picture is of the Box work formation in the cave. And I also had him write how the formations are formed.
Now the drama was on how I was going to get this to school. We decided that I would drive the boys to school so he didn't have to try and carry it on the bus. I put the project in the front seat with me and thought we were good to go. If you have been down our road you know the crazy curves we have. Well needless to say I took the first curve and the glasses tipped over and I had water everywhere. Of course a bunch of the formations fell off, but there were enough still on that you got the general idea. I then moved the box to the back and made Jake hold the glasses. I'm not to sure what he was doing, but they ended up tipping over again. We finally made it to school and got his project to his classroom. Thank goodness they were not being graded or judged on these projects. It was more for fun and all the other classes got to come in and see them.
Sounds like in 5th grade they have to do a small machine of some kind. That should be interesting.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The boys had Thursday, Friday and Monday off this past week for Spring Break. So on Friday we decided to color Easter Eggs. I found a Camo Egg kit at Wal-Mart and thought it looked like fun.

Getting the eggs started. You will have to excuse the pj bottoms and swimsuit.
First you dye the egg one of the lighter colors. Then put camo stickers all over it and dye it a darker color.

Here's a different one.

This is how it turned out.

Jakob made me an egg.

This one was done by Seth. It says Happy Easter, not to bad.

Jakob dropped one of his so he peeled it and said he was going to eat it. He never did eat it. Oh, and excuse the garage too.

Saturday we went into town to the annual Easter Egg hunt. Not sure what happened over night, but it went from 80 to 50. Man it was cold Saturday. The event started at 10 and since I had never been there before I thought the egg hunt was right away. Oh no, that didn't start until 11. So we walked around and played some games to pass the time.

Here we are at the top of the Musky looking at all the people.

Jake catching fish.

And now Seth catching the fish.

One of the games was casting a fishing pole and trying to get the weight into the rings. The boys didn't do to bad with this one. Well until Seth casted the line into a tree. We were done after that.

Oh look, Jakob catching a trout.

And now once again Seth catching a trout.

Another game was the old walk with an egg in a spoon race. Jake won, the poor girl got all the way to the end and then her egg fell off.

Another one was were you tried to catch ping pong balls in a net. They were dropped from the musky's mouth. Just so you know this game does not work well when it's windy out.

This one is where the kids tried to make a basket with a ball that is thrown off a parachute. The lady in the black coat is Mrs. Wunrow Seth's teacher.
Now it's time for the egg hunt. Jakob and Seth were in different age groups so I didn't get to see Jakob get his eggs. Right before they went out I heard one of the moms tell her kid to only get three eggs. So I in turn told Seth to only get three eggs. He looked at me like I had lost my mind. Needless to say he got more then three.

Jakob is in there somewhere.

Here is their buckets when they were done. Like I said before, we had never done this here before. So when the boys came and told me that all the eggs were empty I was a little shocked. I thought maybe there were some with paper in them saying you won a prize. But we got a ticket on the way in for a raffle so I really didn't know what to tell the boys. We went to the raffle part and of course we didn't win anything there. But before we left I heard another mom tell her kid that they could go turn in the eggs and get the bad of candy. So that would explain why you only get three eggs a piece. Before you left the park each child got a baggie of candy so it would be fair and no one would get hurt during the hunt. Pretty good idea.

Next it was off to Duluth to get to the Old Navy $5 polo sale. I still hadn't gotten the boys anything to wear for Easter. And of course since I brought the boys with we had to stop at the shore of Lake Superior so they could run around the rocks.

Oh and also throw rocks into the water. Can't forget that either.

Sunday morning the boys ran around the house looking for their baskets. It took them over an hour to find them. Thank goodness we went to 9:00 church.

Seth with his basket and wearing his new polo. : )

Poor Jake he had the hardest time finding his basket. Dang Easter bunny.

They also opened their gifts from Grandma Shaw.
Jakob and his basket, also wearing his new polo shirt.

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!!!!!