Saturday, October 16, 2010

Boy Scout Camp

About two weeks ago now I took Jakob and Seth to Camp Phillips. Which is a boy scout camp south of here. This session was for the new Tiger scouts and siblings. Jake wasn't all that excited about it. He said he would just walk around with me since Jamie was hunting and he couldn't stay home alone.

Once we got to camp I think he changed his mind. I wish I would have taken a picture of the outside. It looked like a big fort. It had walls around it and building on each corner for people to go into and big meeting area on the back wall. It looked like something out of a cowboy and indian movie.

We made our way through the doors with all the other kids. Got signed up and then found the den we would be in for the day. There were so many kids that they had the ones that were already signed up go out back and play some games.

The first game the older boy scouts started was Giants, Wizards, and Dwarfs. Which was pretty much like Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Seth is standing next to the older kid with his tiger hat. They are trying to decide which one they are going to be.
The left side is Giants and the right side are Wizards. Not to sure who beat who, but they had fun.

After that we went exploring the camp on our way to Archery. Seth took a look at the cabins the boys sleep in during the summer camps. I didn't think they looked fun, but then again I like my warm comfy bed.
On the way down one of the things the boys were asked to do was to look for things in nature. A couple kids spotted different birds. And one boy found this salamander under a log.

And Jake found a worm.

Jake went first with Archery.

He hit his target so hard that the arrow went through the paper and straw.

Then it was Seth.

His went right over the target and into the ground behind it.

After Archery the boys and I went for our nature walk and also explored the camp some more. By the time we got back to the main fort it was time to eat lunch. After resting for a few minutes we were off to do more around the camp.

First up was the obstacle course.

We took a brief detour and the boys did the climbing wall.

Here are the boys getting geared up.
First up was Seth and he wanted to try the hardest side.
Well he got about that far and decided he wanted to be done and go to the easy side.

He made it all the way to the top.

And got to repel all the way down again.

Jake decided to try the medium side.

And he also made it to the top.

He did a little better then Seth on the way down.
And back to the obstacle course.

Seth's first attempt he missed the knot.

But made it the second time.

With a little mini golf at the end.
By the time we got done with all that the boys were tired and thirsty. So we walked back to the fort got some water and headed over to the BB Guns. Once we got there and they saw how long the line was they asked if we could just go home. At that point I was more then happy to home too.
On Sunday we went to the leaders of the boy scouts in our towns house. They live out in the country and have a bunch of woods behind their house. They have a little day camp for all the scouts every year.
To start the day off they do a flag raising ceremony. This year they had the tiger scouts bring the flag in and raise it.
Seth is the one saluting with the light blue shirt on.

They did good for the first time.
Once the boys got broken into their groups they headed out to the first activity. Since Jake's group didn't have an adult with them I volunteered to walk with them. The first activity for them was a hayride out in the woods.

One thing I like about this camp and that they teach the boys to ask for permission before they can enter a certain area. That way if they are doing archery or bb guns the boys don't just go busting into an area and get hurt.

During the ride there were boys hiding in the woods and they would come out and try to scare us.
Next up was cooking. The boys got to make donuts.

You take a biscuit from a can and cut circle out of the center. We used a soda pop cover to cut the center out.

Carefully dropped it into oil heated on the portable stove. Once browned you drained it on some paper towels.
Then cover with sugar. They were very yummy. I was impressed.

I got to catch a quick glimpse of Seth playing soccer.

Third on the list was Wrist Rockets.

They used dog treats as there ammo and tried to hit pie plates.

They also played capture the tail.

Each person had a piece of rope in their back pocket. Then you ran around trying to get it out by using feet only.

Last but not least was soccer.

I was surprised by how much Jakob played.

The tiger scouts got to take the flag down during the closing ceremony. The older boy scouts looked on and helped them out when they needed it.

It was a fun couple of days, but I am very happy to have a weekend to do nothing. : )

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